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 React Native and its Advantage

React Native is an JavaScript Framework, to create native app. It uses the React framework and offers great deal of inbuilt components and APIs. To Learn React Native, you should be familiar with React and have solid JavaScript knowledge. It's is Too easy to learn as compare to other Framework.

React Native Features

Following are the features of React Native −

React − this is often a Framework for building web and mobile apps using JavaScript.

Native − you'll use native components controlled by JavaScript.

Platforms − React Native supports IOS and Android platforms.

React Native Advantages

Follow are the advantages of React Native −

JavaScript − you'll use the prevailing JavaScript knowledge to create native mobile apps.

Code sharing − you'll share most of your code on different platforms.

Community − The community around React and React Native is large, and you'll be ready to find any answer you would like .

React Native Limitations

Following are the limitations of React Native −

Native Components − If you would like to make native functionality which isn't created yet, you'll got to write some platform specific code.

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