Dang Dharapani - World Highest Trident and Pride Of Dang and whole Nepal - Best Tourism Place of Dang Nepal

Dang Dharapani Temple | Largest Trident |Bikram Adhikari

 Dang  Deukhari is the largest valley In Asia and the capital of  Lumbini province. The name Dang is enough for tourists to visit the largest valley surrounded by Sivaliks Hill (Churey Range) and Mahabharat Range. The Headquarter the Dang is Ghorahi which is the 7th Biggest City of Nepal, and Ghorahi belongs in Ghorahi Sub-metropolitan City which is the largest sub-metropolitan of Nepal, The second Largest Bridge Of Nepal is lies in Dang Deukhari District and Another largest Thing is available in dang, that is the largest trident of world. Isn't it Unique, Every Time I m just talking about Largest and biggest things only?  yes, it is a coincidence, and today we will know about Everything of the Largest Trident of World, belong to Dang Dharapani. 

Dang Dharapani Temple | Largest Trident |Bikram Adhikari

Dang Dharapani (Dharapani Temple) :

Dang Dharapani Temple | Largest Trident |Bikram Adhikari

Dharapani Temple (Pandavshowor Mandir) is one of the spiritually important Hindu temples, Located in Dharna Dang. The temple Is also Known as Pandavshower Mandir because 5 Pandav take rest and Chanted Prayer To god Shiva while they are traveling to Sworgadwari Temple. It suited in Ghorahi-3 Dharna, the base of Churey Range, and South From The Babai River. It is located almost a 9 km drive far away in the south direction of Top and the Big City Of Dang Ghorahi.  

Dharapani Temple Is with the tallest Trident (Trisul) in the world and is the major tourist attraction of the world. The Trident is made from 5 Metals, Iron, Gold, Brass, Copper, silver. 42.5 Feet is the Height of a Trident. The world's largest trident, weighing 81 quintals and 13 kilos was inaugurated on December 14, 2014. The Trident is now the largest and heaviest in the world and was built at the cost of almost 2 million Nepali Rupees. It is designed by the Indian stone carvers. 

The Temple also plant 108 Bar and Peepal tree around the temple. There is 108 steam start from the mouth of Cow, one small pond in the shape of OM, One Water Dam which is used for Boating are the Some Pont that makes Dharapani Attractive and Best Tourism Attraction Place Of Dang. There is also one Old Tree inside the Temple, which is the belief that in ancient times, people cut off that tree but the next day the tree get automatically revive. The main Temple is attached to that tree, Still these days, a Black cobra snake lives inside that tree, sometimes it gets off from that and people worship that snake Dharapani Temple host 5 days Feast on the occasion Of MahaShivaratri. In Mahashivaratri almost 1 lakh + people Visit here, and On other normal days, almost 200+ people visit daily for worship and for Enjoyment, said by the temple development committee.   

For International Tourist Who want to stay there,, there is one hospice (Dharma Shala). A fresh Environment, Greenery Forest, View of Maharabhat Range, Ghorahi City, and Himalayan, are some feature which loved by the tourist. The Temple Also working on 5000 step ladder road which takes to the top of Churey Range, from there the view seen Of Ghorahi and Deukhari Valley is so attractive, In Southen Part of that point you can see Rapti River Flow in silent and parallel, and in Northern part, You can see the beauty of Natural, Himalayan Range, Mahabharat Range and plane Dang Valley. Dang Dharapani Temple | Largest Trident |Bikram Adhikari

There are many important and wonderful things in dharapani, Which I may Miss Here, Please Comment About That Point I will update All Based On our own Knowledge and Experience, If anything Gets Wrongs, I m sorry. And please Comment us we will Edit that point and publish it Soon.#DangDharapani,#Dang and tourism #Lovedang 

Image Credit Goes upon to Madhav KC and Padam Khanal

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Northern View From Top Of Churey :

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