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 Technology refers to the employment of tools , gadgets and resources that facilitate US to manage and adapt to our surroundings. Originating from the Geek word ' technologia' the term additionally refers to the employment of machines and utensils that build our daily lives less complicated and a lot of organized.

Laptop, Computer, Most activities follow the essential principal of Input-Process-Output. The raw materials ar forwarded to the input a part of the cycle . the method is that the actual building of automobile. There the method acts upon what has been the input and produces the output that within the case would be the finished automobile.

Like different activities a methoding system|ADP system|ADPS|system} follow the input output process I.P.O cycle. It will be best illustrate by associate degree example of airlines reservation . an individual WHO desires to pass by air between Nepal and the big apple initial has got to fill in request slip. This contains Relevant knowledge i.e details of the Booker's name, age, place,of destination , contact no etc. The ticket agent Key within the knowledge from the request slip into the pcthe method within the case includes examining the flight variety knowledge of the journey, the category requested and determinative no matter seats ar accessible as per the reservation details. the output of this method is a few data confirming the booking, if seats ar accessible, otherwise the pc turning down the request might issue message.

Each elements of computer system is said to I-P-O cycle. the info within the request slip is output the input in pc is via the keyboard. thence the keyboard is associate degree device. The process is perform by a elements of the system unit known as chipthe data reading accessibility of seat is displayed on the visual display unitthence the visual display unit is associate degree output device.

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