Concept of Hacking and Ethical Hacking

 "Trust on us we break security not hearts"

In computer networking, hacking is any technical effort to manipulate the normal behavior of network connection and connected systems. The persons who engages in hacking is known as hacker. The definition of word hacker is controversial, and will mean someone who compromises computer security or skilled developer within the free software or open-source software.

Today in the present time people have misconception about hackers. They think a hacker as a "criminals", "bad guys"," and the person who perform malicious programming attack to harm other". But this is not true. There are different hacker with different intentions and behavior and are categorized in terms of hat.

1. Black Hat Hacker

The misconception of the people about hacking and hacker is due to the black hat hacker. They generally perform different illegal attempt to violate computer security for personal gain. Example: - creating a botnet and performing DDOS attack against website, stealing money from bank etc. They are the real computer Criminals.

2. White Hat Hacker

They are just opposite to Black hats. They are generally known as "Ethical Hacker". They are the computer Security Expert who specializes in penetration testing and other testing method to ensure the security of an organization. In general language white hat hackers can be hired by the big company to assure the security of their company

3. Gray Hat Hacker

Grey hat hacker lies in between the black and white hat hackers.In general language it can be said that grey hat hacker works as black hat (i.e. illegally) but not for their personal gain and also cannot be considered as white hat hacker.

Ethical hacking

Ethical hacking can be understood as the work done by white hat hacker. Ethical hacker attempts to bypass the security system and search for a weak point (loop holes) that could be exploited by other malicious hacker. Then those loop hole are improved by the organization.

The field of ethical hacking is very good carrier scope. For this a person needs to be a certified Ethical Hacker (CEH). This certificate is provided by international council of E-commerce Consultant (EC-council). The exam consists of 125 MCQ (in version 8 of test) and should secure 70% to pass and the exam cost about $500

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