OJT report Sample NEB Technical - Computer Engineering


Padmodaya Public Model Secondary School

Bharatpur Dang







Six Month OJT Report on Passion Nepal Pvt. Ltd

Topic: Computer Repairing and Networking

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Six Months Internship Report Computer Engineering



OJT Period: Ashoj 20 – Chaitra 19 

                                                            (Six Months) 


Topic and Company:




Computer Repairing and Networking on Passion Nepal IT Solution

Ghorahi, Dang Nepal















Approval Letter


The industrial exposure report submitted by Bikram Adhikari Registration No: 765601840 entitled Computer Repairing and Networking has been accepted as a partial fulfillment of the requirements for the completion of Computer Engineering.


Approval Committee









External Examiner


Date: ……………………

















I hereby declare that I carried out OJT report in this report in Passion Nepal Pvt. Ltd., Ghorahi, and Dang under the supervision of Mr. Kulraj Khanal.  I solemnly declare that to the best our Knowledge, no part of this report has been submitted here or elsewhere in previous application for award of degree. All sources of Knowledge used have been duly acknowledged.




(Bikram Adhikari)







Efforts, dedications, and commitment were fundamental elements for the completion of my internship, more important was the support by my family members and friends. To my Mother in particular, Mrs Renuka Devi Sharma, My Father Mr. Padam Prasad Sharma, Brothers, Sister, and Friends, today I dedicate this very important report to them because without their presence, support, love, and understanding I would have never have been able to achieve my goal.













Foremost, I would like to thank the National Examination Board (NEB), Padmodaya School for including such opportunities in our syllabus. Especially, I am indebted to Senior Mrs. Samjhana Pokhrel of Rupandehi district and student of Kalika maa Vhi, whose continuous effort always guided me and my Team.


I express my gratefulness to Passion Nepal Pvt. Ltd., Ghorahi, and Dang for giving me such great opportunity of doing on job training.


I would also like to extend my thanks you to Mr. Vision Ghimire, welfare officer, for his suggestions and help in all possible ways during internship period.


Last but not least, I would also like to thank all the staffs of Passion Nepal for their cooperative and helpfulness attitude during my training.



Bikram Adhikari

(Computer Engineering)










ON-JOB-TRAINING (OJT) is the way to imply the Trainees his/her knowledge and skills to an institution. Based on this program, he/she will be able to determine and be prepared to real working world. This program will make huge impact for students and they can make use of the things they have learned throughout the training.


The importance of OJT is to prepare the students to real working world. The training will help the students to practice his/her knowledge learned from grade

9th to grade 12th.






Table of contents

Table of Contents

Approval Letter. 3

Declaration. 4


Acknowledgement. 6


Table of contents. 8

Abbreviation. 9

Introduction. 10

Company information. 11

Mission of Passion Nepal / imark: 11

Internship description. 12

Overview of internship experience. 13

Project Work on OJT. 14

Material Used In Project Work on OJT. 15

Recommendation. 16

To College: 16

To Organization: 16

Ongoing consideration. 18

In conclusion. 19

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Reference material 25






















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National Examination Board


Passion Nepal


Padmodaya Public Model Secondary School


Central Processing Unit


Random Access Memory


Registered Jack 45


Point of Sale




 Quick Response Code




Light Emitting Diode


Serial Advance Technology Attachment


Parallel Advance Technology Attachment


Category 6 cable








OJT is the part of college curriculum that aims to train and orient students about work and their future career. It is a type of skill development where students learn how to do the work through hands on experience. OJT is the method by which students are exposed with different work situation designed to give students an opportunity to experience and chance to apply the theories and computation that they have learned from college. It also helps students to acquire relevant knowledge and skills by performing in actual work settings.


This training develops one’s professionalism in dealing with people. When a student is competent enough, s/he will be able to do things successfully.                                                











Company information



Passion Nepal Dang is a Branch Office of Imark Pvt. Ltd. Passion Nepal is registered with new name because it work on all field of IT sector and all work of Imark. It is a multinational technology company established in 2007 AD by the domain expert from Banking, Education, Fintech, Healthcare, Insurance, Retail and Telecom sector to improve quality of life by executing automation of ideas and innovations using state of technology. But In dang branch it also serve all solution of IT like Networking, Repairing, and Software and so on. Passion Nepal start business in Dang since 2017 AD as new branch.


It is located at Campus Road, Sangam Polyclinic building 10 meter west from Nepal Saloon, Butwal. It is authorized regional distributor Mantra Biometric Device, Marg Software, Pad Vending Device, Zebra Printer, and Digital Display Board for Lumbini Pradesh. It opens at 9 AM, and closes at 5PM.

It is also a computer store that provides computer repair service and sells branded desktop computer, laptop, and CCTV camera, security equipment's, Antivirus, Printer, Door locks, Air conditioners, and also Biometric Device.


Mission of Passion Nepal / imark:

Provide world class products, state-of-the-art solution and best-of-breed services to the business partner through innovation and latest technology.




Internship description


My Role at passion Nepal Pvt. Ltd was to work with a senior who used to work there from starting phase in first few days but in later I have work alone , in some case if I did not solve the problem the senior expert guided me. First few days I get bored because I have to reach in office at 9 am and work until 5 pm. but after few days they choose me for filed support also, then I have no word to say about passion Nepal.


If someone call on office and ask for a support I have to give that. Mainly Repair and Networking work have to do, sometimes I also give the support of Marg Software.


After the time Of KTM training, I have to give support on POS. And I also have to give support on Zebra Printer.  For the support of POS I have to visit in required place, and I'm interested in visit new place so I love to give support from field.


At the End of OJT time, they offer me for a job, because I used to work there with sincerity and honestly. I always do my best for work so may that will be the point to offer me for a job. I am very happy with passion Nepal.


Overview of internship experience


During my internship experience with Passion Nepal Pvt. Ltd., i used to be ready to I learnt and observed many things about products and customer’s need and thanks to satisfy them. I also learned from some basic items like else PC, laptops to some advanced stuffs on repair stuffs to the chipset level on both the printer and therefore the computers. While i used to be getting the repairing a part of the department I also tried to find out about the sales and therefore the cost of the stuffs and that i believe they're going to help me considerably within the future.


On the time of OJT, Our branch choose me for participating in the training held in head office Kathmandu, and I learn about Biometric Device, Pad vending Machine, Zebra Printer, Bar code system, Door Lock system and I also learn to develop  Mobile Application  using flutter framework.


In office time I also work in Web and learn WordPress and Blogger start to my own blogging. Sometime I have to Networking in office and home, one of the example of my networking is in Padmodaya Campus.


In OJT period I also get chance to find out about LED display panel, to initialize it the technician of Faboulus IT solution Mr. Ajex Adhikari and Er. Prakash Arayal Help Me.


And though I became excellent at the pc and printer sector, there are some fields which may need some more work on my side that has CCTV camera. And I am very proud of the entire team of Passion Nepal and Imark Pvt. Ltd.






Project Work on OJT


Following are the project which I carried out alone during my internship period on Passion Nepal IT solution Pvt. Ltd.


·       Padmodaya Campus Networking with help of my friends

·       Initialization of Biometric Device in Kishan Trades Ratanpur

·       Padmodaya Colledge School's Labs Maintains with help of my friends.

·       Extend Router of Our Organization to Another Room using Secondary Router

·       POS solution in KTM

·       Develop an Website of Rolpa Sanchar with help of my friends

·       Get Chance to work with Government Project Smart Board Solution with Engineers Of Faboulas IT Company 

·       Initialization of Zebra Printer In siddarth Acadamy Ratanpur with help of my friends.

·       Support of Router Setup in Gauri Hotel KTM and many smaller project I have been perform at the time of OJT.


Material Used In Project Work on OJT


Following are the Main instrument, which I daily used to perform my project Work on time of OJT.

·       Laptop (Mobile app, web design, Biometric setup, POS set Up, LED Board Etc.)


·       RJ 45 ( Biometric Device, POS machine, Networking)


·       RJ 11 (POS Machine)


·       Screw Driver (Repairing PC, LED Display)


·       Wire ( Networking, LED Board,  Repair )


·       Pen drive(Booting, Store Data)


·       Tester ( Board )


·       SATA Cable ( LED Board)


·       PATA Cable ( LED Board)


·       CAT6 Cable ( Networking, Board, POS )


·       Many more Instrument which are not listed here.




Through My half year experience and observation during my OJT program, I have observed followings to be recommended.


To College:


The OJT program is really a great experience to the students. It gives us an opportunity to make ourselves prepared to go into the working field. Since the technological world is vast and ever changing I found the precious OJT program is short and I would recommend it to be more than usual. And the continuous effort of the college authorities are crucial infostering the beforehand for the young and enthusiastic engineers in making.

The concern of the institutions and the organizations on such program is less receptive. Therefore, I find it is very essential for the concerned college authorities to shower the rights of responsibilities for the probable and abled organizations to take this program as an opportunity to shape the younger minds of today for the better and brighter technocrats of tomorrow


To Organization:


The concerned immediate supervisor remains busy and at some points I found we are less guided and concerned. It is fearing and difficult to handle the instruments and machines without the experience and the proper guide. Thus, I feel the guide have to be more receptive to the quest of the trainees.


The nature of the work needed to be handled by the trainee is fluctuating, as we were not designated to a particular work but as per the availability of the task. Thus, I found it was difficult to grabs the concept of any properly and confidently.

The technician at the center(s) needs to be frequently trained as they remain with the old trains and are faces difficulties in handling the new instruments.

On a whole the OJT program has really been a good experience for me. I was able to see and relate the signals of my classroom knowledge with how things go in practicality. I hope and find it recommendable to the upcoming Friends.





Ongoing consideration



While I had many useful experiences at Passion Nepal IT solution, I feel that I still need to develop my confidence levels with developing, testing and practicing. For Future work it is very necessary to practice and revised, I face that problem and now I planned that to practice the things which I learn before and in OJT period.  And build my confidence level on my Work.



In conclusion


Accomplishing this project gave us immense knowledge and idea about the development and designing skills as well as the present condition of maintenance services and professionals. Different research were conducted to initiate the project and identifying the problems in the delivering maintenance service gave the idea to tackle these problems. We hope our effort can provide steps that would help to perform efficient maintenance service and employment opportunity by providing platform and information to users.


“This is that the age of computers”, while this may need been one among the foremost used sentence of the age, it couldn’t are truer. As i used to be sitting thereon room trying to return up with different solution for various problems, I met differing types of individuals from different sectors of labor, and this made me realize how important computer is in our life lately. And now that I’ve witnessed the speed at which the pc sector is progressing, I cannot return to believe that one can live his life without counting on technologies.


And this process showed me different sectors of labor and their hardships and pleasures, so those that are willing to require the initial steps is suggested to try to  the OJT.

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Reference material


·       https://drive.google.com/file/d/193_dfb8mnOi2M1T_LdWnHMgGpLcbK0p/view?fbclid=IwR3CxF7iN8MHdXm-ivFJTEgCwjhNMjEkBYyRB6C6Ro_8AVhvL0s6NZz52ek


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·       https://www.ptspokhara.edu.np/internship-document/


 This is only for Learning Purpose. Please Used it as Refrence. 



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