Pyuthan Okharkot , One of the Best Tourism Attraction Place Of Pyuthan District.

Okharkot pyuthan - Bikram Adhikari


Pyuthan Is one of the Beautiful Districts which is located in the Mid-Western Development Region and belongs to the Hill Districts of Lumbini State Nepal.

Okharkot pyuthan - Bikram AdhikariIt is Mainly Popular For Sworgadwari Temple. In pyuthan There are some rivers like, Madi Khola, Dharmawoti, Jhumruik River, etc which have big and plain geography beside them, 'Khalanga' is the district's administrative center of Pyuthan, which Have a beautiful city and some popular temples.

From Kathmandu, You can reach Here through the Road, Narayanghad, Butwal, GoruSingey, Bhulabang, Bijwar, and Bagdulla Pyuthan. From Bagdulla You Have To change Bus, and the Bus Take You through the road of Baghdulla, Maranthana to Macchi. 

OkharKot Pyuthan
OkharKot Pyuthan

Macchi is the Main Point of Okharkot Village. Which is also called the Junction of Two River Called Gartan and the Jhimruk River. The plane place near both rivers, Macchi and Padalney gives more beauty. Macchi is main point of okharkot and nerarest some place since past Baise,Chaubisey king period.From there, good road facilities are also available for Banglung, Gulmi, and Argakhachi.

OkharKot Pyuthan

The Main Village of Okharkot is located on the top of Macchi, which has road facilities to reach there. It is mainly Popular for the KOT of Okharkot and ladder to reach top at KOT. The Kot of Okharkot is located between the Badikot and Okharkot Village. Many old instruments and construction are found in this place. If the government will research here, they will find the Wonderful fact about Okhorkot. This place is used by Nepali in past as a killer. 

OkharKot Pyuthan
From The top of Okharkot, the natural beauty of the nearest place can see. The wide Himalaya Range, Green Forest, and the Plane of Tarai can be seen from here. The sun rises from here is one of the most beautiful tourist attraction things. Some tourists say that "It is the longest sunrises in Nepal, you cannot see that kind of sunrises from all over Nepal. it is unique and different from other sunrises". 
OkharKot Pyuthan

From the right-hand side, the jumruk river flow, and through the Okharkot, the Gartan river flow. The natural beauty near the village was mind-blowing. 

Mainly G.C (Gharti Chettri) community people live in okharkot.  From all over the country, all the GC caste people came here for Kul puja which is located in khahare. In detail, All GC gather together and worship their god. Bishwokarma is the second community, the people of the Viswakarma caste also live Here.

On the opposite side of Okharkot has a village called Chudhara, In this Place, Mostly GC and Bhramins Community live here. The culture of the Bharamin community was very unique from other places.

OkharKot Pyuthan
Another Tourist attraction of the okharkot is Rock Garden. Which is located in a place called  'Ghada's. The greenery land, clean environment is the main specialties of this place.

From here you can also visit the origin of jhumruik river called gaumukhi. This river is originated from inside the cave.

OkharKot Pyuthan
The water Facilities, Hotel facilities for stay was very good. But The transportation facilities are much not more satisfactory. You have to wait for 1 hour for Bus from Bagdulla. and you have to travel totally offroad.The people Of this Place were kind and lovely. 

We hope this place will be popular in the future. I suggest you visit this place once in your life. 


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