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Bikram Adhikari

It's me Bikram Adhikari. I m from Ghorahi Dang, Nepal. I m 20  immediately. 

I started this blog because i really like writing and sharing my knowledge with other. while I'm not excellent at it, but writing and sharing my knowledge is my favorite activity to spend the time. It's like piecing together a fun puzzle, reading Newspaper, and playing Games or spend time with laptop to find out something new.

write on things I encountered in my standard of living, my knowledge which i learn from internet and random personal drivel. I also write on technology normally, literature reviews,  I feel That My writings don't seem to be the most effective, but I hope that I can get more better as possible in future.

At first, I believe that only those who had nothing better to try and do would visit this blog. But Recently I found that some people did actually find this blog to be helpful and useful also . I am very glad on it my information could serve you well to hold something new about Technology and my personal Knowledge .

What I Offer:

  • Website Designing & Web Hosting Services
  • Native Mobile App Development.
  • Blog Building and Management Services
  • Search Engine Optimization Services

Bikram Adhikari

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