Dart Programming language basic

 Dart is an Object-oriented , class based , open source, general purpose  programming language with C style syntax. It is developed by Google in 2011. Dart is specially used for to build Mobile , desktop, server and web application. It is an programming language which is mostly used to code flutter app.

The  main purpose of Dart programming language  is to make a frontend UI for the online and mobile apps. It is under active development, compiled to native machine language for building mobile apps, inspired by other programming languages like Java, JavaScript, C#, and is Strongly Typed. Since Dart may be a compiled language so you can't execute your code directly, instead, the compiler parses it and transfer it into machine language.

If you've got worked on JavaScript, then it will assists you further to understand the concepts of Dart quickly.

This following program code is the one example of dart language.

void main() { 
for (int i = 0; i < 5; i++) { 
    print('hello ${i + 1}'); 

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