concept of Laravel

 Laravel is a PHP web-framework; it utilized for growing top of the line web applications by utilizing critical language structures. It has a significant accumulation of devices and gives application design. It incorporates various qualities of advances like ASP.NET, MVC, CodeIgniter, Ruby, etc. It is the quickest developing PHP framework.


 First you must have xampp install in your computer- To Download and install xampp- Xampp installer

Then you have to follow these steps:
1. Download -Go to the browser and search composer for Laravel or click the link- Composer in Laravel.
2.You need to download composer-setup.exe
3.After installing it-Open composer and the set path to xampp\php\php.exe
Then you can open your command line and type composer.
The following content will display on you prompt.
4. Then you need to install Laravel. to do so create a folder named Laravel in htdoc of xampp (xampp/htdoc/laravel)
5. Copy the trail of Laravel and attend that path via a command prompt and paste
composer create-project --prefer-dist. Laravel/Laravel Laravel.

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