BBA TU Orientation Report - MMC DANG- Bardiya Thakurdwar

 Mahendra Multiple Campus

(Ghorahi-15-Bharatpur, Dang)

Report on Topic: Three Days Orientation & Tour Program at Thakurdwar Bardiya


Submitted By:

Bikram Adhikari

BBA 2nd Semester

Section: B


Submitted To:

    Ram Thapa

(Department Head)





I hereby declare that I carried out this report in own knowledge and experience.  I solemnly declare that to the best our Knowledge, no part of this report has been submitted here or elsewhere in previous application for award of degree. All sources of Knowledge used have been duly acknowledged.




(Bikram Adhikari)

 Please Use this as only for reference Purposes. If the report is not approved I m not responsible for that because this is only for educational purposes. And it is already submitted in school. 



Education is not just about sitting in a classroom, giving lessons, getting homework and knows about each and every topic of the educational course. Practical and actual hand-on experience of nature, history, culture, human and technical development boosts the mind of every student for more innovation and development. The best way of discovering these aspects is to travel around and experience the world.

For instance, schools, Colleges may take students on Educational tours to zoos & parts to acquaint them with Flora and Fauna. It is one thing to see the picture of an Animal or a Plant in a book and quite another to see it face to face.

An Educational Tour is a Fun Filled experience as the tour may be too far away places. It is an opportunity for students to have a jolly time together. For some days they can forget about classes & exams. The travel by bus with students singing songs and enjoyment with teachers is an Unforgettable experience. Even onlookers feel an infectious enthusiasm when they see a bus load of students singing in a gaily abandon and waving.

The Proximity of friends and the absence of parents is an invitation to mirth & mischief. Some close friends may be forged during this period for we understand more about people when we stay with them for some days.

At last the long- awaited day came or my Halcyon day came for which I was waiting fidgety…When I along with my companions started off to Bardiya District on an Educational Tour by Bus  on 3rd  December Morning . This is one of the most popular tourist destinations of West Nepal.

There was a lot of excitement and a sense of adventure in all of us. I do not know much about others but I was more excited because it was my first tour to the West Part of Nepal.

Tour Report

We Perform Several Activities to achieve our above objective. The activities are described below day by day:- 

Day 1

We gather in our college at around 6 am mangsir 17 (Dec 3). Started from college at about 6:40 am, total 62 students with the guidance and company of our BBA director Mr. Ram Thapa , vice campus chief Mr. Nischal Hamal sir, Other teacher Mr. Kumar raj  shrestha, Mana mantar Shah  sir , Kishor pokhrel, Laxman Adhikari and our helping brother Bhim Reule .  Due To some technical problem with our vehicle, we get disturb two times to maintain it in our Journey.  Inside the bus we enjoy our journey by singing songs and dancing. After 3.5 hour of our travel we reach our first stopping point called “Amaliya “for Breakfast. After Breakfast we start our journey again towards Thakurdwar Bardiya, But as we reach at Ambasa at 11: 40, our bus has to Repair again about 30 min we spend there. In that period we went to Sikta dam to enjoy ourselves. We capture lots of Picture there and again start our journey towards our final destination Thakurdwar after complete repair and maintenance of our Bus. And finally we reached our destination Thakurdwar  at about  3:20 PM.  We stay There In Tharu resort.

Tharu Resort:  

Tharu Resort is a beautiful resort located at the bank of a small branch of Karnali river (Patu Khola) where Fresh water flow Throughout the year and Bardiya National Park. The owner of this Resort Mr. Mohan Chaudhary and his Family member welcome us and take us towards our room and also invite us for lunch. After an about 30 minute of  Lunch, all students get fresh , change the dress to school uniform  and came to Hall room of this Resort. All 62students and all teachers gather together in hall and start our first orientation class. The program was hosted by our Campus coordinator Mr. Ram Thapa with welcome Speech. He also tell us the schedule of our orientation program.  After that Mr. Nischal Hamal welcome us with his motivational Speech.  Then Mr. Thapa Sir invite me to share my own experience in BBA and also share idea about BBA. Further Kumar shrestha sir welcomes us and provide a Piece of paper to share our goals. And with the collaboration with all teacher, Mr. Kumar sir play “Goal Sharing “Game.

After the orientation class, Mr. Thapa sir invite us for camp firing , All of us are enjoyed there, but due to my health problem I’m unable to attend this program full time. After the program, Hotel Staff invites us in Canteen for Dinner at around 8:30 pm. Then after the dinner all of us went our room and take rest. And write a homework which was given by Kumar sir. And about 10 Pm all of us get sleep.

Day 2

Another morning, we woke up at 5 am, we became fresh and get ready for class. We get school uniform and gather in Hall Room of “Tharu Resort”. Kishor sir takes motivational class. Always Respect and Love our Parents, chase our own Aim in any condition are the main point which we learn from him. After his speech Ram sir take class and tell us in details about BBA and syllabus. After his speech Mr. Mohan Chaudhary the owner of tharu resort invites us for breakfast. We take our breakfast. Good and hygienic foods are included in breakfast. About 30 min take to finished breakfast by all of us. Then we start our journey towards Bardiya National Park with full of excitement.

 Bardiya National Park:  

Bardia National Park is the largest National Park in the lowland Terai area of Nepal Covering 968 sq KM. the park is home to Bengal Tiger, wild elephant, Greater One horn Rhinoceros, swamp deer and black buck. More than 30 different mammals, over 400 species of birds and several species of snakes, lizard and fish have been recorded in the parks forest, grassland and river.This park is famous for elephant safari or jungle drive. You will also see rhinoceros in the park. Here you can gain an experience of Adventure life time.

 We capture a lots of picture and enjoy the moment. 1 horn Rhino crocodile and monkey, elephant and tharu museum are the point which we see in this park. After 1 hrs in park we again start our journey towards Thakurdwar Temple, which is about a km far from park.

Thakurdwar Temple:  

Horizontal Scroll: BikramThakurbaba Temple is located at Thakurdwara-Bardiya,Nepal, near the Bardiya National Park. Actually in thakurbaba we can see many types of sculpture, Main sculpture is Bishnubikran’s sculpture. There are many sculpture which are pristine.

All of us worship there and capture a lots of photo and enjoy the surrounding about 20 min time we spend there and after that we went towards our resort for lunch.

We get fresh and change our dress and we take our lunch and after our lunch about 20 min later we start our journey towards Karnali Bridge.

Karnali Bridge:  

Karnali Bridge, the asymmetric, single-tower, cable-stayed bridge is the second longest of its type in Nepal and was built by international collaboration. The bridge spans the Karnali River between the Kailali District and Bardiya District of western Nepal. The bridge was constructed by Kawasaki Heavy Industries of Japan and inaugurated after six years of its construction date by the late Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala. The bridge lies in Mahendra Highway at Chisapani at the border of Kailali and Bardiya district. The nearest city to the Karnali Bridge is the town of Chisapani in Far-Western Region, Nepal. The Karnali Bridge was built in 1993 with the cable-stayed bridge which normally depends on one pylon with 500 m length and 10 m width.          

We spend about 2 hrs. in karnali brige, capture photo and return back to our resort with lots of good and bad memories of bridge in our eyes and Mind.

Again, we move to hotel and attended the class in seminar hall Mr kumar sir had asked us to write our goal and feedback of the program . In that class he teach us about project planning and leadership. I frequently remember the question he asked us "who am I?" This question was so exciting. He provide different information about the related topic. After finishing his speech he collect all the paper. Ram Thapa sir invite some of us student for speech and sing and dance. Sadikshya and Sonali these two friend sing a beautiful song. Finally at about 7 pm Mr. Man Mantar Shah Sir Give closing speech and he officially declare the program has been finished.

In schedule after 7 pm is separated for Tharu cultural dance, but unfortunately we are unable to enjoy that because the performer hand get facture. Again we gather towards fire camping Zone and start to enjoy there. After an hour the owner of the resort Mr. Mohan Chaudhary invite us for Dinner and we take our dinner, and went towards our room for sleep.

Please Use this as only for reference Purposes. If the report is not approved I m not responsible for that because this is only for educational purposes. And it is already submitted in school. 

Day 3

Last Day, another one exciting day for all of us because we are returning back to our home where our parents waiting and missing all of us. As usual day we get up at about 6 am and start to pack our bags because late night Ram sir already notice us that "we will take leave from here tomorrow morning as soon as possible". After few minutes we went towards resort's canteen for brunch. After morning meal we gather together in front of our bus and capture some group photo and start our long journey towards school at about 7:15 am. We all friend began to sing and dancing in the bus. Then after a long travel in a bus we reached in 'ambasa' for taking lunch. We took delicious meal there and start our journey again. At about 3 pm we reached in college ground and went towards our home.



Achievment / outcomes/ lesson

I would like to thank our respective coordinator sir and other mmc family who gave this opportunity to explore our experience by letting us to go to this wonderful program.

Apart from only gaining fun this program was really knowledge oriented. From this short period we learn to enjoy the moment and also we had got chance to be closer with our friends and teacher.

We had learned about positive attitude from inspirational speech by Nischal sir, Kishor sir, Kumar sir, ram sir. He reflected the theme of science of thought, struggle in life, fixed destination and personality development which is very crucial for us to understand. Only not the program course, we learnt how to deal with people and maintain peaceful and discipline environment around us.

                                        We even got chance to refresh our mind. We got the knowledge of different birds and animals from the museum. We got the opportunity of site visit of Bardiya National Park and Chisapani.

                                       Eventually, being a management student, we had learnt a lot about systematic planning, group work, etc. As a whole, we had got detail view of BBA program and as well as evaluation system of TU. As a whole the orientation and tour program was full of joyful.


 Please Use this as only for reference Purposes. If the report is not approved I m not responsible for that because this is only for educational purposes. And it is already submitted in school. 



Recommendation and conclusion

The entire program organized by our respected teacher was very good .The Journey from Ghorahi to Bardiya was very joyful but, in somewhere there were not management of time. If student have program schedule with clear time included can help to reduce this problem. In bardiya jungle safari is most important thing but we cannot get opportunity. Just singing and dancing in bus is not enough for pleasure, management team have to know about the bus condition, because the sound system, charging system of bus was too bad. Some of our friend's parent scold them for switch off phone, but this kind problem occur by charging problem inside bus the management team also have to concern with this point.

Overall our orientation program went quite a fluency good. Three days program had brought a drastic revolution within us. We all had got golden opportunity to know about lots of academic matters. These types of programs are quite crucial for every shot of universities.


Some unforgatable Memories Of Program

Bikram Adhikari - BBA Report TU - Bardiya Thakurdwar

Bikram Adhikari - BBA Report TU - Bardiya Thakurdwar

Please Use this as only for reference Purposes. If the report is not approved I m not responsible for that because this is only for educational purposes. And it is already submitted in school. 

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