Ambikeshwori Temple Ghorahi Dang Nepal

 Ambikeshwori Temple is the highest religious center of the attraction of people in the  South Asia Lumbini State of Nepal. Nepal is very Rich in Tourist attractions. Nepal has been categorized into seven states. Each state has many tourist attraction places. Today we will Describe the Lumbini State of Nepal.  The birthplace of Gautam Budha, Ambikeshwori Temple, Bake and Bardiya National Park, Sworgadwari Temple, Ranimahal Of Palpa, Dharapani Temple, etc are the main tourists of Lumbini state, and Ambikeshwori Temple is one of the popular tourist attraction places of Dang District. This temple lies in the lap of the largest valley of South Asia, the Dang Valley. The Lumbini state of Nepal. This Temple is mostly popular in the Hindu community. 

Ambikeshwori Temple - Bikram Adhikari

This is the place where lord Mahadev's first wife's right ear decayed while he carrying her dead wife in his arms. The full story about this was written in one of the popular holy books of the Hindu community called Swostani. The temple is located in bank of katuwa Khola , in Ambapur dang.In almost all festivals of the Hindu community, people come here for worship. mainly in Dashin people from different parts of Nepal used to visit here for worship. This temple is also famous for Marriage and Bartabandha almost a hundred couples get married from here in a year. The Main temple is designed in Pagoda style, which is the main attraction. surrounded by Small temples of different gods and Godness also increases the beauty of Ambikeshwori Temple. Small Garden near the Temple are also helps in increases the attraction of Tourist.

The transportation service is very good to reach the temple from traffic Chowk Ghorahi Dang. Many autos and Cars are available for providing transportation services to Tourists. Near the temple, there is a good Hotel, lodge, and restaurant. Good Drinking water services are available in Temple. Approximately 2km from Traffic Chowk Ghorahi Dang, It is one of the oldest Hindu temples in Dang Districts and it is crowded in the early mornings every day. people visit here for worship and to enjoy nature in a morning walk. This temple is one of the most popular Shaktipeeth of Dang Districts.

Ambikeshwori Temple - Bikram Adhikari

I will recommend You to visit this temple once in life If you are in Nepal. There may be many important and wonderful things and Facts in Ambikeshwori Temple, Which I may Miss Here, Please Comment About That Point I will update. This content is All Based On my own Knowledge and Experience, If anything Gets Wrongs, I m sorry. And please comment below I will Edit that point and publish it soon as possible .#AmbikeshworiDang,#Dang and tourism #Lovedang 

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