25 Mbps only in RS 233 - Dish Home Internet

 Dish Home the satellite TV provider of Nepal also started internet services. Recently it expanding its services all over Nepal. The costumer of Dish Home Internet services provider is going rapidly increases. Fews days ago CG group start internet services at a very low price, then it is the most challenging for all the ISP of Nepal. Dish home internet also started their services at RS 233 for 25 Mbps as a combo package.

Under the combo package, premium satellite TV users can get 10 Mbps internet for free of cost and 25 Mbps at 233. For combo users with 10 Mbps Internet, the annual cost is 7200 hundred only, and for 25 Mbps, 10,000 is the annum cost. The company also reduces the cost of the premium package from 700 to 600 ( excluding VAT) 

How can I get this Offer ?

you can get this offer by visiting the nearest dealer of Dish home or call on Hotline number 9801544000.

why dish home fiver net?

comparing with other popular Internet Services Providers of Nepal the price is cheap and Expanding its services all over Nepal so In My view, it is best.

XVOD setup box is compulsory For Dish home FTTH combo Offer? 

No, this is not necessary for Dish home FTTH. If you are using another ISP and want to enjoy the services of XVOD then you have to visit Nearest Delar dai and pay RS 1000 for New Set up Box, which has XVOD services. 

NOTE: To enjoy the services of XVOD you have internet services in your Home.

Price Of 25 Mbps Without Combo Offer :

the above cost are excluding TAX. 

For more info about Dish home internet please contact your Nearest Dealer Dai, or visits its official website. 

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