Exam routine of BBA

 Today TU published the exam routine of the BBA 1st semester. 2077 Chaitra batch. 

The exam will start from 15th ashoj to ashoj 19. This year there was no gap between any subject like as past year. The exam time will be at 12 pm.  Before participating in the exam you have to clear your campus fee and collect the entrance card. 

Rules for students: 

1. Mendetory of entrance card.

2. Not allowed to buy a mobile, smartwatch, cheat in the exam hall.

3. Student must be reached in school before 5 min to start the exam. 

4. First-day students have to reach school before 20 min to start the exam.

5. Copying from others is not allowed, if students will find it in this condition they will be restricted. exam. 

Ashoj 15, Friday will be the exam of the principle of management (POM). 

Ashoj 16, the second day of the exam, Saturday will be the exam of English subject.

Asoj 17, the third day of the exam,  Sunday will be the exam of the math subject.

Asoj 18, 4th day of the exam, Monday will be the exam of Microeconomics subject. 

Ashoj 19, the last date of the exam, Tuesday will be the exam of the computer.

For any kind of info please comment below, I will try to respond to you as soon as possible. 

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