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 Managerial Skill and Role : 

A skill is the ability to translate knowledge into performance. A manager needs different kinds of skills to discharge his/her duties effectively.   They are technical,  human and conceptual,  diagnostic, and political management skills.  They are discussed below

1. Technical Skills:

     Technical skills refer to the manager’s knowledge and ability to use different techniques to achieve their goals.  They are not only related to machines,  production tools, or other equipment. They also refer to the skills needed to boost sales,  design different types of products and services,  and market the services and the products. Technical skills are most important for lower-level managers. As we go through a hierarchy from the bottom to higher levels, these skills lose their importance

2. Human Skills   

  Human or interpersonal skills are the ability of the managers to interact and work effectively with people both as individuals and in a group. They enable the managers to use the organization's human potential and motivate the employees for better results.  These skills are also called soft skills.  They are equally essential for all levels of managers. 

3.Conceptual Skills  

   Conceptual skills involve the ability to look at the organization as a whole and the interrelationships between its parts.  They are especially important for top-level managers since they develop long-range plans for their organization's future direction.   Conceptual skills help to deal with complex situations by expanding a  range of possible solutions with a  creative mindset and seeing the problem in different ways.  

4.Diagnostic Skills    

 Diagnostic skills are the ability to visualize the best response to a situation. They are similar to conceptual skills. However, diagnostic skills are used to find a way to solve the problem effectively.  Hence,  conceptual skills and diagnostic skills may be viewed as the two sides of the same coin.  Diagnostic skills are very useful to solve workplace problems promptly.

 5.Political Management Skills

Political skills are the ability to understand people and influence them in ways that contribute to foster relationships at work and build trust among coworkers and superiors. Hence, they help to foster supportive and trusting environments within organizations.

 [Note:  Diagnostic  and  political  management  skills  are  newly  added  skills  based  on  recent researches

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