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 Increase Your beard, including this food in your diet.

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This Day it is a fashion to keep a beard, but in past, we pay a barber to remove the beard. and everyone wants to follow fashionable things, but some men are worried because of no beard or less beard in his face. Many men complain that there is less hair on their beard and they are not able to follow the fashion and find any easy way to increase its growth. If you are also worried about this problem, don't worry by including some diet you can increase your hair of beard faster than past. 

Cinnamon (DaalChini) :

Cinnamon has many benefits in human health. one of the benefits is to increase the rate of growth of beard. It helps in blood circulation in the body, and good blood circulation helps to grow a beard quickly. It is considered best, to take it with Honey and warm water in the Morning.  

Pumpkin Seeds (Farsi ko dana):

Pumpkin seed is rich in zinc, and which is play a vital role to increase hair growth. it can found anywhere and can eat with peel-free, dry, or whole. 

spinach (palak):

 It is also considered good for hair growth which may be the favorite leafy vegetables of all of us. it is rich in Vitamin-A, Vitamin -C, folic acid, and iron. All these properties work to keep the skin and beard soft and brain healthy. If you want to increase the growth of your beard quickly, then you must have to drink a glass of spinach juice daily. Spinach vegetable is also beneficial for the growth of beard fast. 

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