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Psychology is the scientific study of behavior's and mental process of human beings. The study of psychology is not important only for psychologist but also for anthropologist, sociologist, political leaders, managers and so on. The viour of normal to abnormal, intelligence to dull, child to old, rich to poor, etc. The application of psychology therefore can be extended beyond the study of only behaviour and mind and can be summarized as under:

1 .Counseling

Counseling refers to guiding, giving advices and suggestions to others to solve problems. Counseling psychology is a new branch of psychology related to the personal or emotional problem, educational problem and vocational problem. Individuals suffers from mild neurotic problems such as drug addiction , depression, juvenile delequants can get benefits from counseling. Further educational psychology as a branch of psychology helps the students to develop self-understanding , self-control and exploring their hidden talents. It also prevents them from dyslexia syndrome. vocational psychology helps in individual to select appropriate vacation and assist in job satisfaction.

2. Exploring diversity

Diversity refers to the heterogeneity. Such heterogeneity in terms of races, religion, ethnicity, gender will create problem or misunderstanding in human behavior. Psychology has contributed different newer field or branches of psychology. Such as cultural psychology, cross-cultural psychology, indigenous psychology, women psychology etc. Which explains about differences based on diversity. The study of psychology principle helps to explore such diversity and manage unity among the diversity.

3. Industrial application

The study of psychology has great application in industrial field. In the initial year psychology principles were applied only in selecting and placing human resources. They were intelligence and aptitude test to select human resources. Nowadays the application of psychology principles are extended to different areas such as career orientation , motivation, training, performance evaluation, equipment designing etc.

4.Established human relation

Psychology plays crucial role for establishing cordial relation between the person of society, organization and family. It enables each person to understand their internal strength and weaknesses. It also provides knowledge to people about how others are perceiving them. Therefore it helps to reduce misunderstanding , discrimination, prejudice. So it helps to established good relationship between parents, friends, and others members of community.

5. Care for abnormal disease

Abnormal disease refers to mental problems created by somanti complaints or disorders .Such problems are generate from stress such as blood pressure , heart attack, diabetes ,etc. To some extend physical treatment will not be adequate to cure such disease if required psychological treatment of the patient.

6. Solving political problems

Politics refers to the way of gaining or losing power. Politics become global and characteristics by negatively, conflict and confrontation. The psychology can be contributed a branch which is called social psychology developed new concept about positivity in the society or positive psychology. The study of positive psychology helps to develops peace and harmony between the political philosophers and leaders. So it helps to minimize political problems.

7. Training for organism

Organism involves the combination of different cells in human body that determines our behavior. In psychology different learning principles such as of re- enforcement, principle of extinction have been developed which helps to change the human organisms and develop desirable behavior from undesirable behavior.

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