Adsense Approval Tricks in Nepal with my own story

 Today I m sharing my own experience to get approved from AdSense. I started  blogging since 5 year ago and recently about an  year ago I get approved. I have learn lots of thing to get approved in Nepal. I have been try almost all video share in YouTube about AdSense approved but nobody work on me. firstly I started one blog on BlogSpot and started to copy paste any content which I liked from other website, but laterally I know if i copy paste other content i will not get approved. After few month later , I started another website of my college also in BlogSpot domain. I learned copy paste is not good to AdSense approve, but i do another mistake in that blog, the content are too short and common content . Later that i know about About us, privacy policy and disclaimer , page in AdSense. which is mandatory in website. then i know about responsive theme and i change in it, again apply and get reply of privacy error, then I know about SEO in AdSense , means organic traffic , i used to reload my website from my pc again and again, but again rejected. 

For few day i stopped on working with AdSense ,because i hands up on it because always rejected get bored me. then later I started another website which i m sharing this content now, i register it on and again started to blogging with new energy and also getting knowledge on SEO , finally I started to write own content in own parts of each post has been copied from somewhere. After 3 month of domain register I applied on AdSense with only one Gmail account and get new error of low value content. After that  , dedication and hard work on AdSense get approved in 23 post about 1000+ word in each. 

What is Google AdSense ?

Google AdSense is a platform run by google  where website publisher can earn revenue after showing google ads on website by placing small code provided by google AdSense when organic traffic visit website . When anyone visit your website or click on ads which has been shown in your website you will earn little bit revenue. For Nepal the payment limit is $100 when you reach it you will get payment in your bank account which has been provided in your AdSense account.It is the platform where website publisher can get revenue of their hard work on website and youtube channel. If you are good on content creating then youtube is the best option for you, and if u love to share your knowledge without video , then blogging is best for you. 

Criteria To apply on AdSense. 

  • No double account on AdSense
  • Responsive Website
  • About Us , Privacy page should be in website
  • No pornographic content or AdSense policy violent content should not be in website
  • No Copy Content in website
  • Little bit knowledge about SEO
  • 20+ post with minimum 1000 unique word in each
  • Top level of domain is recommended  , but not compulsory.
Google AdSense Sign up process
Sign up in google AdSense is very simple, but if someone try to cheat with AdSense or go against the AdSense policy his/his ID may be banned. Before Sign up in AdSense u have to ensure on following points listed below. 
  • U must have al least 18 year old, in case of not you can used your parents Gmail
  • one account for one person, having multiple account is strictly prohibited on AdSense.
  • Minimum 3 month completed of domain register.
  • Enough content on website.
  • Must Follow the AdSense program policy.
Now Follow following step to create AdSense account 
  • Visit official website of google adsense 
  • Click on get started show in top corner with blue color 
  • choose the Gmail and Sign up on it. If you don't have create a new Gmail Account
  • Enter the URL of your website on which you want to show your ads
  • Paste the AdSense code in your website index.htm file between head tag.
  • Now Fill the form carefully and correctly, 
  • go through terms and condition and click on accept.
  • click start using AdSense.
  • Now get successfully sign in into your account.
 then wait for response in mail. it will take about 2-14 days to get reply if ur site get approve then it will start to show ads on your website

Types of ads available in adsense.
  • Auto Ads
  • Banner ads
  • native ads
  • display ads
if you need more information about AdSense tips  please fill free to contact 

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