Firebase: the Powerful platform of database for Android, iOS and web app

  Thinking you any free database management system ! Firebase is a powerful and free Google's own platform. Firebase platform can assist you to make apps software which may be both IOS or Android. They can also create web app software which may be utilized in your website for writing the info from your website to the firebase database. The data enduring through any web forms are often stored within the database by specifying a path to database.

First of all to use the firebase you would like to use why the firebase in your app development a platform by using the firebase configuration for firebase cdn. Name the firebase also please send the automated facility to feature firebase to the web site or any app software by providing tags firebase within the automatic section of the firebase. It are often find from the the project settings.

The the knowledge of knowledge are often stored within the realtime database of the firebase. Here the entered values directly stored within the world firebase realtime database which may be accessed anytime from anywhere.

Padmodaya Firebase
While using firebase in HTML attempt to place the firebase configuration on the top section of your HTML document. The firebase configuration contains the API key and other main id of your project. We can develop any number of apps inside a project. All of the apps inside the project stores the info into a standard database. The stored data within the real time database are often accessed rewrited and may be updated at any time. The firebase also can give hosting facilities and functions for your website. An entire blog or website are often hosted through the firebase.

The structure of the firebase configuration is given below:

var firebaseConfig = {

apiKey: "api-key",

authDomain: "",

databaseURL: "",

projectId: "project-id",

storageBucket: "",

messagingSenderId: "sender-id",

appID: "app-id",


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