recruitment and selection in HRM- tu Note


Recruitment is a process to discover the sources of manpower. This activity is done to meet the requirements  of  the  staffing  schedule.  It  helps  to  apply  effective  measures  for  attracting  that  manpower in adequate numbers to facilitate effective selection. Recruitment has been regarded as  the  most  important  function  of  HR  management.  It  is  true  because  unless  the  right  type  of  people are hired, even the best plans, and control systems would not produce good result. Some important definitions of recruitment are given below: 

Edwin  B.  Flippo:"Recruitment  is  the  process  of  searching  for  prospective  employees  and  stimulating them to apply for jobs in organization." 

Bayers  and  Rue:"Recruitment  is  the  process  of  seeking  and  attracting  a  pool  of  people  from  which qualified candidates for job vacancies can be chosen."

DeCenzo  and  Robbins:"Recruiting  is  the  discovering  of  potential  candidates  for  actual  or  anticipated organizational vacancies."

Wendell French:"Recruitment is the process of finding qualified people and encouraging them to apply for work with the firm."


 Based on above definitions and discussion, following important conclusions can be derived:

  •Recruitment is a linking activity brining together those with jobs and seeking jobs. 

•It involves searching and motivating probable candidates to apply for the vacant post. 

•It is a helping tool to choose the best available candidate. 

•It is probably the most important function of HR management.

 •The basic foundation for it comes from HR planning .

Employee Selection 

Selection  is  essentially  a  process  of  choosing  right  applicant  best  suited  for  the  organization's  requirement.  It  is  also  the  process  of  rejecting  the  unsuitable  applicants  and  finally  arriving  at  the  most  suitable  one.  The  most  common  approach  to  the  selection  objective  is  to  choose  individuals who possess the necessary skills, abilities and personality to successfully fill specific jobs in the organization. The success of selection is largely dependent on success of recruitment process. Lets go through the following definitions of selection.

Byars and Rue:"Selection is the process of choosing from those available individuals who are most likely to perform successfully in a job."

DeCenzo  and  Robbins:"The  primary  purpose  of  selection  activities  is  to  predict  which  job  applicant will be successful if hired.


 In  short,  the  role  of  selection  in  an  organization's  success  is  important  because  of  two major reasons: 

•First,  work  performance  depends  on  individuals.  Therefore,  effective  selection  has  greater  relevance. 

•Second, costs of wrong candidate selection are much higher

Difference between Recruitment and Selection

Recruitment  is  the  process  of  searching  prospective  employees  and  stimulating  them  to  apply  for  jobs  in  the  organization.  It  is  often  termed  "positive"  because  its  objective  is  to  increase  the selection  ratio,  that  is,  the  number  of  applicants  per  job  openings.  Hiring  through  selection  is  "negative" because it attempts to eliminate applicants, living only the best placed in the firm.

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