Kusma has recently become a popular adventure  destination for  tourism. On top of Kali gandaki River, a half-kilometer-long bridge connecting Kusma, the district headquarters of the Prabat, and Balewa of Baglung at 228 meters is situated While crossing the bridge, people jump with ease by tying ropes on their feet.

The Cliff , Kusma bungee

Currently, For enjoying bungee and swing in The Cliff, People Of whole Nepal started arriving there from all 77 districts. A jumping platform for bungee and swing has been constructed just above Kali Gandaki River in the middle of the 520-meter long suspension bridge. At present, the world's tallest bungee is 764 feet high in Macau and the second tallest is 720 feet above the dam in Switzerland. The Cliff Pvt. Ltd. has surpassed Switzerland as the world's second-tallest bunji after the project, while the swing here has become the tallest in the world.

Both bungee and swing prices are fixed at Rs 7,000. From Pokhara to Kusma has Rs 8,450 bungee or swing facilities with two-way vehicle facilities also provided by "The Cliff PVT ltd". RS 12,000 For pair swings. If you want to get a transport facility with a pair swing, it will cost additional Rs 3,000.

Resort: 'The Clip Resort' has been built on an area of ​​25 ropanis in Balewa of Baglung, which has become a dream place for many. "The Clip" has also provided the facility of bungee swinging and swinging together. The resort, which has 21 safari tents, accommodates 64 people.

How to reach

The Cliff Plc is 55 km from Pokhara and the gateway of Annapurna Base Camp is 15 km from the new bridge. Public buses are easily available from Kathmandu, Chitwan, Pokhara to Parbat Kusma. You can also go to Baglung Bus Park in Pokhara and take a 'sharing taxi' to reach Kusma.

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