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If Not Higher

Literal Comprehension: Early every Friday morning, the rabbi of Nemirov would disappear at the time of the Penitential prayers. People thought that he would go to heaven to plead to god for them. However, a Litvak came once and argued that even Moses could not go to heaven in his lifetime. The people were surprised to hear it, and they asked the Litvak where the rabbi would go at that time. The Litvak said it was not his responsibility to find out about the rabbi. However, the Litvak was himself very curious to know where the rabbi would go at the time of the Penitential prayers. So, the Litvak followed the rabbi to a forest secretly. The rabbi went to the forest, chopped firewood, made a bundle, and then went to an old Jewish woman's house. The rabbi sold the woman his firewood at a cheap price. He also kindled the fire for her. The Litvak, who was watching the activities of the rabbi, was impressed very much. The Litvak turned the rabbi's disciple after that.

Interpretation: The story seems to convey two messages. First, it seems to suggest that good work can have the power to change peoples' attitudes. Secondly, the story seems to define the concept of heaven in realistic terms. The story shows how the Litvak gets transformed by the power of the rabbi's good work. The Litvak was a skeptic, but he is transformed into a profound believer when he sees the rabbi's service to the needy old woman. Similarly, the story defines the concept of heaven in realistic terms. Generally, heaven is taken to be an imaginary place, where pious people can enter after death. However, this story suggests that heaven is not such a place. People can turn the earth itself into heaven if they help each other in their hour of need.

Critical Thinking: One can criticize the message of this story by talking about the experience of life. The story suggests that good work can change people's attitudes. Isn't it unrealistic? If good work changed people's attitudes, couldn't this world be changed by the good work of so many great people? Mahatma Gandhi, Abraham Lincoln, and many other great people have become examples of doing good work in this world. but the world has not changed yet. The story defines the concept of heaven realistically and it is a convincing definition. The world could certainly become heaven if people helped each other in their hour of need.

Assimilation: This story impressed me with its concept of heaven. I also believe that the world will become like heaven if we help each other. The character of Litvak is very interesting in the story. From him, I came to learn that I should not accept things until I have verified them. I am also impressed by the old woman's character. She is old and sick, but she does not like to accept the favor of the rabbi. The rabbi's help appears to be like business because he expects to be paid back by the old woman. However, I like such a realistic attitude. When my friends need my help, I should help them. But I should, like the rabbi, also expect help from my friends.

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